Scientists think yoga plays an important role in defeating half of the symptoms of depression.

Regardless of your fitness goals, yoga is responsive, provided you spend more time at the gym. The results you will get are good cardiovascular recovery, peaceful inner and many other health values.

Yoga means unity. Merging physical and mental health. This is not fit for women. Many football players, fitness coaches and other modern men are doing yoga as a great therapy for health.

Yoga is becoming more popular in men. In addition to reducing stress, increasing flexibility, yoga also reduces the risk of heart disease, depression, and high blood pressure.

Researchers have shown that two or three yoga sessions a week will help bring very good results and effectively affect our daily habits. Yoga will help you adjust your breathing, learn to regulate your mood and improve your concentration.

Men often have to control emotions and stress so susceptible to cardiovascular diseases.

1. Helps flush out toxins

The male body is inherently more toxic than women because of frequent exposure to alcoholic beverages, tobacco … In addition, liver function in men is not as good as women. Regular yoga will help men learn to practice breathing to help relax, eliminate toxins and harmful substances from the body better.

2. Regulating body activity

Unlike other fitness subjects, yoga requires you to operate all organs of the body including bones, shoulders, joints, cardiovascular system, endocrine glands … The techniques in yoga will help you strengthen. The amount of oxygen in the blood, creating more energy for the whole day.

3. Control your weight

Studies have shown that yoga can help men control their weight. When practicing yoga, fat tissue is always burned to provide energy. In addition, yoga also helps reduce blood cholesterol significantly.

4. Mood balance

During yoga, you will learn techniques to help regulate your body’s emotions and improve your concentration. You will feel happy, flexible mood after every yoga exercise. Yoga also helps reduce inhibition, so it is suitable for those who lack calm and easy to lose focus at work.

5. Reduce muscle soreness

You probably experience pain during exercise or jogging. Yoga with the effect of relieving muscular aches will be suitable for you after a tiring day of activity.

6. Improve “sex”

Many yoga postures will increase the circulation of blood and oxygen needed to the genitals, effectively affecting the life of the couple to be more uplifted and happier.

7. Prevent many diseases

A “miraculous” therapy of yoga for men is the effect of curing many diseases such as physiological weakness, blood, and fatty liver, diabetes, impaired liver function … and preventing respiratory diseases.

8. Maintain youthfulness

Regular yoga can help you look younger. Yoga works to increase flexibility, dynamism as well as improve skin in men. Above all, yoga will bring about changes in physique and beauty from within the body, making you feel more natural and healthier.

Simple postures for men when starting to practice Yoga

  • Child posture

This posture helps you save energy and energy lost during exercise. The baby’s posture is especially beneficial when you are suffering from body aches. Especially symptoms of back pain, knee pain.

  • High Lunge

This is a great position for those who often walk, jog. It helps your feet quickly recover strength and flexibility to adjust the balance of body support. It is also effective in stretching muscles under the legs.

  • Moon position

This yoga pose for men is similar to the overhead crescent pose but it has a more subtle and balanced adjustment of strength throughout the body. It causes the practitioner to deeply bend the hip muscles for more strength and flexibility. At the same time, the crescent yoga pose helps you strengthen and lengthen your legs.

  • Yoga Squat

Yoga squat postures have great benefits in restoring flexibility to the legs and knees. It also helps relieve constipation symptoms.

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