The rate of staying up late for men is always higher than women, some of the main reasons are because they face more workloads, attend parties or have higher entertainment needs, they also encounter more stress and difficulty sharing lead to stress, stress, and more serious depression. The effects of staying up late, lacking sleep or insomnia, men often do not have enough time to rest and restore health, causing many unpredictable harms.

1. Staying up late causes hearing and vision impairment

In the morning when we wake up, our eyes begin to work continuously until we go to sleep. However, for a number of reasons, men stay up quite a lot at night, pushing back the time to go to sleep, while paralleling the activity of the eyes.

In the evening, the insufficient amount of light plus the blue or purple light source from smart devices such as phones, televisions, laptops, etc. affects eye regulation. The harmful effects of staying up late for men are manifestations of eye strain, dryness and sore eyes, which gradually impair vision.

When we stay up late, our hearing is also significantly affected. The vascular system must always work when we try to stay up late, which causes stress. The insufficient blood supply to the ear and ear canal system can mean tinnitus, earache or hearing loss.

2. Obesity increases due to the harmful effects of staying up late to men

Up to 40% of people who stay up late tend to eat at night. Too much food intake near the time of sleep causes the stomach to store food without timely digestion, causing bloating and indigestion, if maintained for a long time can cause stomach ulcers, worse than stomach cancer.

Normally our bodies will need more food while staying up late to maintain energy, stay awake to work or study. If you can’t go to bed early, try supplementing your body with sleep-supporting foods like bananas, foods made from fresh milk, warm milk, cereals, chicken eggs, etc. to prevent the effects of staying up late. for men.

3. Risk of cardiovascular disease and stroke in men staying up late

The cardiovascular system and other organs in the body need time to rest and recover. The phenomenon of staying up too late, sleeping less than 6 hours a day is the harmful effect of staying up late for men, causing deterioration of heart function, increasing the risk of stroke in men.

Some statistics show that the harmful effects of staying up late for men are worth noting that it increases the risk of cardiovascular disease by 50% and the risk of stroke by more than 20% in men. The older you get, the risk of stroke is higher and is often more severe.

4. Staying up late affects the liver and kidneys

The most important system of excretion in the body is the liver and kidneys, they need time to do their job of eliminating toxins and the most ideal time is from 23 pm to 3 am. Staying up late shortens the working process, the liver is not given enough blood needed to cause damage to liver and kidney cells.

The harm of staying up late for men to injure these two organs is silenced, accumulating for days and causing serious consequences.

5. The possibility of infertility is higher if you stay up late

The harmful effects of staying up late for men, late night sex in men are also related to testosterone hormone, when staying up late reduces sleep time, reduced testosterone levels kill healthy sperm, the percentage of beans poor pregnancy.

The habit of staying up late constantly reduces desire, sperm quality, the older the likelihood of infertility will be much higher than those who sleep 7-8 hours a night.

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