Do you have a habit of shaving quickly for time-saving? Don’t underestimate this personal care if you don’t want your skin to be damaged!

Shaving is a very simple job and does not take much time. Just pick up the shaver and shave until the end of the beard. But even if you have years of experience shaving, you can still make mistakes that can hurt your face. Please note the following basics for proper shaving:

1. Do not shave quickly

You tend to be impulsive and shave quickly to save time. However, it is one of the main causes of damage to your facial skin. To avoid leaving damage to already thin skin, take time to fully carry out the preparation steps before shaving.

2. Prepare before shaving

The first thing you need to do is wash your face clean. Dermatologists recommend that it’s best to use a cleanser for men. A cleanser helps soften your beard and makes shaving easier. On the other hand, using regular soap will wash away the natural oils that soften facial hair. Then wait about a minute before washing your face again.

Next, you should apply shaving cream or gel to your face. Note that you should use sensitive skin if needed. Then let the cream infuse for 2-3 minutes. In the meantime, you can brush your hair or brush your teeth to save time. This is a very important step. Shaving cream helps to soften the beard and make it easier to shave and avoid damaging your face.

3. Brush your beard before shaving

You tend to use your hands to apply shaving cream. However, doctors strongly encourage you to use a comb or brush. This way the cream will get into the beard more easily, which will make it softer and easier to shave.

You should use badger hairbrush. This tool is great for helping shaving cream to evenly cover the beard.

4. Select the appropriate razor

When it comes to choosing a razor, you don’t need to have multiple blades. A regular razor can still help you shave as well as any other razor.

However, the most important thing you need to keep in mind when shaving is that no matter what type of knife you use, make sure that the blade is still sharp. If you find that your blade is chipped, replace the razor immediately. Or if you shave every day, you should change your razor every 1-2 weeks.

In addition, doctors disagree with the use of folding razors. To use this type of razor, you must have the necessary skills. The folding blade razor is not as easy to use as an ordinary razor, this is the one that shavers use. If you use this type of knife, you most likely scratch your skin.

5. Replace the razor often

The fact that you should change your razor regularly is also the main reason why you should only use regular razors instead of expensive multi-edged knives. If you use expensive knives, you will tend not to change knives even if the razor is chipped or no longer sharp.

6. Choose the right temperature

One of the best things to help shave better is keeping your face warm and moist. And the best way to do this is to shave when you are in the shower or right after you have finished showering. In barbershops, barbers will use warm, wet towels to keep their skin warm and moist before and during shaving to help soften beards. For a better shave, the workers also have a kit to warm the shaving foam.

After shaving, wash your face with cool water. Coldwater will help close the pores on your face and help reduce the risk of infection.

7. Shave in the right direction

Doctors recommend that you shave according to the direction in which your beard grows instead of shaving in the opposite direction as you would shave your legs. Although if you shave in the opposite direction you can shave closer, you will easily damage the skin or even grow ingrown hair leading to infection. Therefore, you should shave in the direction of the beard, especially if you have a thick beard.

First, you should soften the beard according to the instructions above. You can then easily shave off the beard in one shave. It’s best to shave once because the more you shave, the more irritated your skin will become and the more likely it will be to injure it.

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