Whether a man’s health is good or bad depends largely on the health of his sex organs. If you take care of it properly, not only you will have a healthy sex life, but your whole body will benefit.
The reproductive system is one of the most important parts of the male body and maintenance of good reproductive health is essential for the sexual and reproductive health of every person.

However, many men tend to ignore their reproductive health care, then causing more serious complications and illnesses. You probably know that good reproductive health depends on diet, lifestyle, medical conditions, occupation and other factors.

How can men maintain long-term healthy reproductive health? This is the advice of a male doctor to help gentlemen in good shape, maintain masculinity and healthy sexual function.

1, Do regular check – up for sexually transmitted diseases

When you have sex, use a condom to reduce your risk of sexually transmitted diseases. If you have a regular sex life but do not have protection, you must regularly check for AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases.

Make sure you are always in a healthy state, when detecting a disease, you should immediately and definitely treat.

2, Maintain good personal hygiene habits

Regularly clean the body parts, especially the genitals to prevent the accumulation of dirt and bacteria in the genitals, which can prevent genital infections. .

Change underwear often. If your genitals are allergic to soap or detergent or any cleaning solution, it’s best to replace them with natural, non-irritating cleaning products.

3. Maintain a healthy lifestyle

A healthy diet, nutrition and regular exercise are very important factors to maintain the health of the reproductive system and reproductive organs.

A nutritious, low-fat diet helps ensure that the reproductive system works at the high level. Of course, it’s best to consult an expert before starting a new diet and exercise program.

You should prepare your own food or limit the use of ready-made processed food away (buy and take away) because usually these fast

food use packaging with different materials or unsanitary storage methods can contain many types of toxins.

In particular, the packaging is made of plastic and polystyrene absolutely not good for health, should be avoided in food. Additionally, in order to make food taste more appealing, manufacturers often add too much oil and additives, which is bad for health.

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4, Quit smoking

Smoking can be a major cause of male sexual dysfunction. Most men with erectile dysfunction related to smoking.

You may not be able to understand the reasons behind this habit. Smoking can prevent blood from entering the penis arteries, making it harder for the penis to have an erection during sex. Keep in mind, health is very important and you should give up smoking habit as soon as possible in order to maintain the best sexual function

5, Pay attention to choose the appropriate cleaning solutions

Try to avoid using antibacterial soap and toothpaste containing triclosan, as this product group contains chemicals that can interfere with thyroid hormone and adversely affect the reproductive system.

Antibacterial soaps do not have more health benefits than regular soaps, and some antibacterial soaps are more prone to skin irritation. This is the reason many people have problems with genitalia due to improper use of sanitary cleaners.

If you want to maintain the health of your reproductive system, you should get specialized health check at least once a year. Your doctor can screen for diseases of the reproductive system and treat them immediately. You can also discuss your reproductive health concerns with your doctor to regain your stability and health soon.

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