Boys are born with better resistance than girls. However, many studies have shown that the average life expectancy of men is lower than women. Men face more serious health threats than women. This could be due to his biological traits, job characteristics, or the fact that many men put their health at the bottom of the list of things to be concerned about.

Lack of awareness, poor health education, unhealthy work or personal lifestyles have led to health risks for men across the globe. Everyone has his own reasons to justify his health. Fortunately, most men’s health problems can be treated, cured, or even prevented if diagnosed early.

Here are the 5 most noticeable health problems for men:

1. Cardiovascular disease

According to studies, 1 out of every 3 men has cardiovascular disease. An estimated 1.8 million people have a stroke every year and, especially high blood pressure, is common today in relatively young people.

In all of these diseases, heart disease can lead to serious complications if left undetected. Therefore, regular checkups are essential to monitor cardiovascular health and can help keep your heartbeat stable. You can also consult your doctor to calculate your risk of cardiovascular disease based on a number of potential risk factors such as cholesterol, blood pressure and smoking habits …

2. Respiratory diseases

As the years go on, more men are diagnosed with lung cancer each year than in the past. Occupation exposed to asbestos or smoking is the leading cause of lung cancer.

If you have been smoking for a long time, you should check for lung cancer. If you do not smoke, it should be noted that accidental inhalation of smoke also puts you at higher risk for respiratory diseases. Over time, the disease will lead to even potentially life-threatening chronic conditions, such as lung cancer, emphysema, or COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease). And, all of these diseases seriously affect your ability to breathe. It is never too late to quit smoking to reduce the risk of lung cancer

3. Illnesses related to alcohol and alcoholic beverages

Men drink twice as much as women and have a much higher rate of alcohol-related deaths and hospitalizations than women. Drinking alcohol increases the risk of cancers of the mouth and palate, throat, esophagus, liver, colon, and it continues. Alcohol, at the same time, also interferes with testicular function and hormone production, leading to physiological weakness and infertility.

In fact, the rate of men committing suicide is higher than women, and they often commit suicide in a drunken state. The cause of suicide in men is also often linked to depression. Depression is not just a bad or boring mood but it is an emotional disorder that affects a person’s entire body.

Most men respond well to depression treatment, thanks to modern drugs and treatments. If you feel you may be depressed, contact your doctor or a psychologist early for help.

4. Diabetes

Diabetes represents a range of complications in men, including physiological function and male hormone decline. This can lead to prolonged depression and anxiety. If left untreated, diabetes can also contribute to nerve and kidney damage, heart disease, stroke and vision problems.

To solve this problem, exercise and have a healthy diet. 30 minutes of exercise a day can reduce the risk of diabetes by more than 50% in men. As a modern man, take time to exercise every day!

5. Skin cancer

Anyone can get the disease even in people over 50. According to the Skin Cancer Fund, the current global environmental and climate status puts people at the highest risk for skin cancer. The main reason is due to frequent exposure to the sun and fewer health checks.

To protect yourself from skin cancer, wear long sleeves, sunglasses and sunscreen when outdoors. In addition, you must avoid prolonged exposure to light sources that have UV rays.

Once we are aware of the health risks that affect men, all we need to do is change our habits and actively monitor our own health. Men tend not to be overly concerned with their health unless there are some serious problems. If you feel signs of one of the ailments from the list above, get tested early to protect your health.

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